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A New Way of Looking at Food

By Chef Benjamin Fuoco!

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Create Useful Connections

Speak to professionals in the culinary industry

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Educate and Share

By creating new American jobs!


Chef Benjamin Fuoco, CEO and Creator of B.O.H. Culinary

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B.O.H. Website and Mobile App

What Are We?

B.O.H. is a phone application and website based on the culinary world, giving at home chefs, cooks and professional chefs alike the opportunity to share their thoughts, recipes and stories with the world. Getting professional advice twenty-four hours a day from chefs around your city and your world.

But Wait, There's More!

But I am not just stopping here! As a professional chef I have dedicated my life and time to my craft. Like many before me and many after we miss out on many of life’s simple pleasures. B.O.H. will give restaurants an opportunity to sign up monthly with us to put their establishments out there in a more personable way.


We're going to create a useful and fun way to connect with professionals in the culinary industry. You'll get instruction from around the world with enlisted chefs, photos, recipes, stories and more at your fingertips. You'll help create new American Jobs and that's a GREAT thing. Finally, you'll get educated on the latest trends in the culinary industry as well as share ideas amongst each other.

24 Hour Chef Instruction

Work with chefs giving you personal advice based on their skill set and culinary background.

Ever wanted to bake the perfect pie? Now you can!

Recipe Center

Alphabetical recipe center. Detailed recipe followed with pictures and video instruction.

Find your recipe or upload your own

Personal Chef Stories

Meet your B.O.H. Chef Instructor who will share with your kitchen war stories, food moments or just everyday thoughts.

Personal Chef Stories - Stay in-touch

Chat Rooms

Talk to other chefs, people like yourself, and speak about everything food!


You know what they say about opinions, right? Well post yours, read others.

Chef of the Week/Month

Nominate your favorite Chef for who you think deserves a shout out.


Welcome to the Gallery of Great Food! Ben has selected some of his most fantastic culinary delights that you could eat right off your browser, if he'd let you.

Contact Us

We love feedback. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. in minus distinctio dolores ipsam.